8 Secrets to Building Great Neighborhood Relationships

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually know all of the people living on your block? Or maybe you know some of them, but you don't really know much about them. Or about their lives.


Well, you've probably heard us brag about how great our neighbors are at some point. And, if you haven't, don't worry. You will! 


But these relationships didn't just build overnight. 

7 Easy Steps to Party with your Neighbors Every Week

You've been to a block party, right? All the neighbors show up with some food and drinks to share. Some of them bring friends. There are kids running around playing together. Everyone is just relaxing. Engaged in conversations about various topics.

And, if you haven't been to one, we're sure you've seen one. Or at least heard of them. 

Well, how awesome would it be to have a block party every week?

Porch Sitting And 7 More Excuses To Engage Your Neighbors

Okay. So, you want to get out into your neighborhood and get to know your neighbors. Or, you want to find a way to hang out in your front yard and beyond without looking like some kind of creeper. 

But, you still feel a little uncomfortable just walking out there and hoping you find somebody to talk to. Well, we have 8 solutions to your problem. 8 normal reasons for you to be in your front yard that won't feel awkward. Some are relaxing and others are a bit more work-related. Sorry about that. But that's why we have 8 different excuses for you to choose from...

Top 2 Missional Tools That Start a Conversation Every Time

Have you been trying to figure out the best tool for starting a conversation? If you're like us, then you are always looking for ways to get to know people better. But, a lot of times we are faced with the question: What can we do to strike up a conversation?

There are an infinite number of possible answers for that question. And we know you will figure out what works best for you. But, we have what we think are the two best tools for the job. And we want to share them with you...