Why Be A Better Neighbor

Why Be A Better Neighbor Series #5: Dirty Work

"Dad! He flushed my Spider-Man down the toilet!" was the scream that started it all. But we'll come back to that in a minute.

It can be easy for Christians to get so caught up in giving of ourselves that we don't allow others to return the favor. This is especially true for those of us who feel called to make a positive impact in the lives of those we interact with.

But, when we do this, we risk missing out on amazing lessons that others can teach us. Did you know Christians can learn a lot about Jesus and his character from those who do not call themselves Christians?

Why Be A Better Neighbor #4: Handyman Skills You Lack

Christians have a tendency to act like we always have it all together. Like nothing could ever go wrong for us, and we don't need nothing from nobody.

Sometimes, we get so focused on offering help to other people that we become unwilling to allow them to do the same for us. And we rob them of the opportunity to bless us.

Well, at some point, we have to come to terms with reality.

You see, there are 2 kinds of people in this world...

Why Be A Better Neighbor #3: Keep You Out Of Trouble

As Christians, we typically think of helping people in ways that everyone would agree are good. We fix something. Or we provide an item or service. We teach someone a skill or a concept. We provide help in ways that everyone would agree is good.

But what about when the kind of help someone needs borders on the line of being illegal? Can you still offer that kind of help? Would you be okay accepting that kind of help?

Well, luckily for us...

Why Be A Better Neighbor #2: Eliminate Unwanted Guests

What do you do when somebody shows up to your house that you aren't comfortable with? If you're going to start hosting events for your neighbors and other people you meet (like we talked about in this article), this is going to happen to you at some point.

And when it does, we hope you've developed a close bond with your neighbors.

Today we're going to share a story from our first year of truly living on mission...

Why Be A Better Neighbor #1: Share Gourmet Meals

You like to eat, right? Of course you do. Everyone likes to eat.

What if we told you that you could be more missional in the way you live and enjoy better meals in the process? What if you could have a feast with your neighbors without breaking the bank?

This past Memorial day we...

Introducing The "Why Be A Better Neighbor" Series

Is being a better neighbor really a good use of your time? It takes a lot of effort to get to know people and actually build relationships.

We talk a lot about the importance of knowing your neighbors and living in community with them. But do you ever wonder if you could be using your time more efficiently without all that?

How do you really know if anything good will ever come from these relationships? How can you judge if you're succeeding in your neighboring efforts? What if you don't see any of your neighbors coming to Jesus?