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These kinds of things are always better when done with a group. 

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We want you to grow together with your Christian friends, because the impact we can make together is far greater than what we can do on our own.


For only $99.99 the Bless Like Jesus Small Group Bundle includes:


5 paperback copies of

Bless Like Jesus: Stop Trying to Convert and Simply Show People they Matter ($49.95 value)



5 digital copies of

Bless Like Jesus Action Plan, including lifetime access to all updates and the Private Facebook Group ($225 value)

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An additional book and Bless Like Jesus Action Plan is only $15 for each additional member! 

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What kind of impact could you make in your community if you were better at recognizing needs and meeting them? What would it take to make blessing the people around you a daily habit?

Bless Like Jesus walks you through a step-by-step process to develop the habit of blessing people by:

  • Following Jesus’s example in the way he interacted with people everywhere he went
  • Showing you how to improve your ability to recognize needs and opportunities to bless every person you interact with
  • Helping you identify more ways your skills and possessions can be used to bless people now
  • Creating a plan to actually bless people every day and preparing you to stick with it
  • Giving you the necessary tools to turn blessing people into a lasting habit you can pass on to others

What's included in the Bless Like Jesus Action Plan?

  • A 5-WEEK EMAIL SERIES including:
    • Constant encouragement and recommendations from the authors of Bless Like Jesus
    • Background info about some of the stories we share in the book
    • A summary of the Bible passages and other sources mentioned in the book
    • Actionable steps you can take before you start each section
    • Weekly Checklists to help you stay on track
  • The Bless Like Jesus Action Guide, which includes printable templates to help you stay organized
  • A 5-Week Small Group Discussion Guide to ensure your time together with your group is optimally effective
  • Lifetime Access to everything included, including all future content updates
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group to talk with other Christians on the same journey and to get personal feedback from  us  (Perfect for those of us who need a little extra accountability)


A little gem of a book that can help followers of Jesus have more meaningful and sustainable relationships with their neighbors. In bringing missional ideas together with incarnational practices, Joe and Sarah actually demonstrate the viability of the deeper way.

- Alan Hirsch

author & founder of Forge Mission Training Network

Challenged my preconceived notions about how to live like Jesus. Great reminder that it starts with each of us responding to opportunities right where we are on a daily basis.

- Theresa

Well researched and gracefully written, quite insightful and takes us away from our selfish society-formed point of view for a while, reminding us of Jesus's way.

- Vanessa

Joe and Sarah have captured the nature of truly caring for others in this practical and prayerful description of intentionally blessing others. I'm on my second read to fully embrace this in my life.

- Lynda

Well written in a comfortable style with a perspective that fits my own. We can only help others in the big ways when we take the time to understand them and to help them.

- Sharron


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